Mr. Chorder Remake

This project is a remake from the project in 2016. Back in 2016, the project uses the Decision Tree on five frequencies with the largest amplitude to decide which key each note is. While in 2019, the remake would use the SVM (support vector machine) on all frequencies to decide. More features are used to make the prediction, though some of them do not contribute too much. As for now, the accuracy might improve, and I am still working on it.


High-definition Video Wireless Transmission Optimization

This project is my graduation design for bachelor degree. I implemented a three-end system based on my work in the paper Drone-Based Wireless Relay using Online Tensor Update. The system is dedicated to solving a wireless relay problem using a machine learning method. Two of the three ends are video signal sender and receiver. The third end is the relay connected to a mobile device (in my case, a sweeping robot) that can move around to collect information for the next iteration of envionment evaluation. The mobile device is capable of finding the optimal relay location even if there are obstructions existing in the transmitting path.


Mr. Chorder

A awesome website providng the function of transforming music file directly into music scores. You do not have to find scores of your favourite songs any more! This is a project in Microsoft Young Hackathon.
Team Member: Chengjue Yuan, Songsheng Ying, Yao Xie, Yichun Ma, Zheng Guo.


Video Based Multi-Object Tracking System

Software that can track multiple people in a video. It is implemented using MATLAB (OMG, imagine use MATLAB to implement UI). This is a project for Computer Graphics Course.
Team Member: Jiajun Jin, Yao Xie, Yupeng Zhang, Zhaoxiong Yang.

Android Based Car Controlling

We use android devices to control the car! We implemented gesture control, speech control, gravitational control and of course, button control. This is a project for Science and Technology Innovation (Part 3-C).
Team Member: Ke Chang, Wenjie Yang, Yao Xie, Zhengxian He.


Game 2048

My version of Game 2048! This is a project for Curriculum Design of Programming.
Author: Yao Xie.