Happy Chinese New Year

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Happy new year! This is the second day of Chinese new year, and clearly, you all were not taken by the monster YEAR from the Chinese traditional myth. LOL

I have been continuously learning driving and coding at home, except the days spent with my relatives in Zhenjiang. I just got back to Wuxi today and restarted the programming practices. The three problems I solved today were quite easy, however, the time cost was the tricky challenge. I checked the top solutions, and it seemed that the core algorithm was the same with mine. I am guessing different ways of doing the same things led to the difference in time cost, though I did not try to run the top solutions.

I would probably taking the driving examinations next week. In the last lesson, I drove about, approximately, over 100km one day, and I am feeling driving is just easy for me. Controlling, however, is challenging, and in the inside-door examination, the car should be controlled at a speed as low as possible. I could feel my left feet burning after practicing for a long time.

I also saw a movie today, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. I say, it is a good movie, however, not as good as I expected. Shots were comforting, but the narrative way does not really fit into the plots. I know that Ang Lee was trying to “recall the memory from the similar scene now and before”, but I got embarrassed some time. Well I am no professional reviewers, so just a feeling to share. The theme, undoubtedly, was profound. “Let’s go back to war. Let’s go back to home.” To soldiers, the war is their home, and our home is safe only thanks to them.

BTW, I am restarting my running plan. My legs have almost recovered from the surgery. Also, the comment system is available abroad.

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